Dating your Husband

A few weeks ago, Josh finished up his semester at school, and I wanted to do something to celebrate.

So, I planned a surprise date. I think it's important to date my husband. Not only is it fun, but it helps keep the flame burning ;)

We started with some coffee at our favorite coffee joint:

Then, we went out to lunch at our favorite tortilla restuarant in town (plus, it's super affordable!):

Finally, we went to the movies and watched The Avengers (I actually really liked it!)

It was pretty much an all-day date. But, you know what, it reminded me of all those years ago when I was just dating this guy named Josh. Sometimes in all the fuss of school, work, and life, I forget about those days. And I don't want to forget about those days :)

Of course, it doesn't have to be an all-day date. It could be lunch at his office. Coffee after church. A Sunday drive and picnic.

Set aside time.

Surprise him.

Do any of you have any fun (and cheap!) date ideas?

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  1. My hubby and I love to pack a picnic lunch and take a ride in our car through the gorgeous mountains of Western NC....we are blessed to live in such gorgeous countryside.
    One particular ride I LOVE to take, I call the "Waterfall Drive". We end up in Highlands, NC and walk the main street shops~~~Then get coffee! Nothing like a "cheap date"!!

  2. Love this post! My husband and I write a series called Marriage Mondays and we just blogged about dating a few weeks ago. Love your happy smiling faces and that you didn't do anything over the top, just some fun stuff and hanging out!


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