It's a Mixed Bag

Right now, life is a mixed bag. A number of days ago, I had a heart to heart with you guys about our up-in-the-air plans. Then, we finally had some good news about a potential internship and going forward. I also chatted with you about a little house we wanted to rent.

On Monday, we learned Josh was not given the internship. And we signed a lease for the little house.

It's a mixed bag of blessings and little discouragements.

Since we've never not had neighbors below or above us, we're excited about moving to a cute on the inside (although not so pretty on the outside) house on July 1st. On the other hand, our current lease ends on May 31st, so we'll be nomads for the month June.

Maybe we'll go to Guatemala and be nomads there. Or maybe we'll camp in Colorado and roast marshmallows. Maybe we'll be stuck in Texas and be bored. Can I come visit you?

Since we had planned on leaving for the summer, I don't have any hours at my current job until the fall. So, I'm doing a little job hunting to find a little something while we are here for the summer. In my dream world, I'd write a novel or just blog all day. Too bad neither of the options would produce any substantial income right now. Maybe some day :)

Maybe I could start a barbie could be the new "it" thing ;)

Even though there are some disappointments about some life stuff, I feel very content and at peace about it. I've had many disappointing moments in my life, but when I look back, many of them have actually turned out to be blessings. For example, we were pretty bummed out about our car dying on us. Yet, having one car has been such a marriage builder for us--we have a lot of wonderful memories that we would never have had if our other car was chugging! Plus, we save a lot of money :)

I think it's okay to be bummed about stuff, but I think that staying bummed steals the joy and anticipation for what God has in store for me (and Josh!).

I'm curious about what's in this mixed bag. In six months, what will I look back to see?

I'll have to let you know :)


  1. Saying prayers for you both. I have faith that God will present you with the perfect solution to all of the 'goings-on' in your life right now. {That is my prayer for you}


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