The Sentimental

We've talked about the jiggly, jiggly, the beautiful and useful, and now we are going to talk about sentimental things.

I have a rock. I painted it at summer camp, and for some reason, I still have it. I have a picture that a friend drew of me during Spanish class. I have piles of love letters from our dating days. I hold onto these along with many other things that hold memories.

I think of all the things to draw out of our home, the sentimental might be the most stubborn.

There are many sentimental things that we hold on to in our homes that are truly valuable to our hearts.

Love letters. A postcard from a trip to Europe. A hand-stitched pillow from your grandmother. A photograph that captures a lovely memory.

There are also sentimental things we hold on to because we either are afraid of losing the memories of those moments/times or would feel guilty giving them up.

A trinket from a mission trip. An old cocktail napkin from a loved ones funeral. A gift that you never liked but was given to you buy someone special. An old t-shirt from softball days.

My hope is that in my home the sentimental stuff that I hold to is not stuffed in boxes, but used or displayed in the everyday. I once even wrote a post about repurposing the old.

During this process, I hope to highlight some ways to incorporate and use our loved items.

How do you use the sentimental items in your home? Do you display your grandmother's china? How do you determine what sentimental things to keep? What to throw or donate?

PS. I enjoyed this article at The Small Notebook. A short and sweet read :)

pss. Next up, I'll be chatting about my bathroom purge!


  1. Thank you! Sometimes I need to motivation to purge so that I can enjoy what is actually meaningful in my home.



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