March's Family of the Month: Meet the Gigure Family

I'm excited to introduce you to March's family of the month--another family adopting from Children of the Promise in Haiti :)

Look at how darling they are!

Let's get to know them, shall we?

Q: Where are you adopting from? And why?
A. We are adopting from Children of the Promise in Haiti.  In January of 2010 I made a committment to pray more often.  Through the course of those prayers I kept hearing, "I need you to help the children of Haiti."  I thought I had been watching too much CNN. But over and over there was a strong voice, a thought that never left my head.  After accepting the 'call' all the pieces fell together - the money to get there, timeframe, location, etc. 
Before leaving I swore my time there was just to answer the call.  I promised my husband I wouldn't come back wanting to adopt.  That wasn't my plan for going there.  However, God had different plans. 
It's a long story, but our little Rosa was in God's plan all along.  She was born at the time I started feeling called. 

Q: What are some of your favorite family activities?
A: Our family is very active in animal rescue, supporting COTP (sending supplies - my daugther tie dyes onesies), being active with our church, and anything else Henry (age 3) demands like family cuddle time and midnight movies, which thankfully isn't at midnight.  :-)

Q: When Rosa arrives home, what family traditions do you look forward to introducing to her?
A: That's a great question.  We're going to start some new traditions - like serving a special Haitian meal on her birthday.  And probably fried plantains  and beans & rice on a regular basics because it's delicious!  The one tradition we'll carry on is the tradition of giving.  From kids to animals - our family is very focused on serving and making sure there's a solid foundation of giving

Q: Any other thing you'd like us to know about your family or the adoption process?
A: Only other thing to know is that we've got two kids right now.  Henry - almost 4 and Sofia - 10.  They are so looking forward to having their little sister home.

What to learn more about their story? Check out their blog, My Haiti Postcard, for more about their journey :)

**If you are new around here, 25% of each sale from Home for Hire {the shop} goes to the family of the month. I love supporting those who are adopting and feel so blessed to be a little part of their journey! You can read more about how that got started over here**


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