Here's to a new series!

Yep. That was once my mountain of stuff.

I spent a day trying to figure out a cool name for my new little series I'm going to write.

They were all kinda lame. Or awkward--such as The Urge to Purge...yuck!

So, this series is currently unnamed, but I hope that it doesn't stay anonymous forever.

Since I couldn't come up with a clever title, here's what I'm going to write about.


And all kinds of stuff about it :)

Lately, I've had the need not only to purge more of what I have, but also choose to stop buying/getting more stuff that I don't use or like. I'm learning to be more intentional with my money. And I'm learning to let go of things that I hold on to for no reason. I'm trusting God to be my source of contentment instead of my stuff. I'm choosing to believe in how I am identified by Christ instead of letting my stuff identify me.

Also, He's been reminding me (in so, so, so) many ways of His provision for us and to be satisfied in Him, not stuff. I've seen too many times how the joys in my life are overshadowed by the yearning for material things I don't have. Honestly, I'm not willing to trade joy for a perfectly tufted sofa.

I'm not an expert in any of this. Hardly. Yet, I think God has been teaching me a lot about what to do with all my stuff, and I simply want to share it with you.

You might think I'm a genius. You might think I'm an idiot. I've been wringing my hands a bit and procrastinating about it because I'm honestly worried you will all just think I'm crazy.

And maybe I am!

In the end, I don't want this series to be a whole bunch of weird photos of my kitchen "pantry" (really, it's a cupboard) or awkward downloads of home checklists. I want it to be an encouragement to you--maybe light a little fire under your tush to get crackin' on the spring cleaning :)

I will not be writing about how stuff is bad. Or how stuff is good. In this series, stuff lives in Switzerland. It's neutral.

But let me propose to you that our stuff--the excess, the useful, the pretty, the sentimental--can be given purpose. We can use it to the build relationships with others, be generous and hospitable, or to meet other's needs.

Will you join me as I purge closets, share ways to simplify, converse with you about how to fight the "if, then" mentality?

Will you come along side me as I think about how to use my money with purpose and passion, avoid buying things I don't need, and find ways to be generous with what I have?

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts? Is anyone else fed up with stuff and want to do something about it? Any spring cleaning, closet purging, or goodwill donating people out there?

Next up: I can't get no satisfaction...


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