Easy Iced Tea

Lately, I've been making iced tea like crazy. Even though it's drizzly, cold, and wet today, ice tea brings me happy memories of summer days!

I've been whipping little servings up in cute jars and love how simple and easy they are to make.

Just start with water (I fill the jar/cup halfway) and zap it in the microwave for just over a minute (or you could use hot water from a teapot)

Find some tea you like--I love green and regular teas :)

Let it brew for about a minute.

Add ice until the cup is full. I like to leave the tea bags in the cup until the strength of the tea is just right.

It melts, cools, and then you drink up! You could also add some flavor or sweetener :)

Or you can save some for later!

Happy Friday :)


  1. it looks so cute in the jar! i am not a tea drinker, but it sure looks pretty. and thank you thank you thank you! my package arrives yesterday afternoon- LOVE it and everything in it! thank you!


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