Beautiful and Useful

So, we've talked about satisfaction and the excess, now I'm going to write about the beautiful and useful.

I love this William Morris quote:

Even though this may sound like a far-fetched idea, I think it is doable. For the past few months, I've looked more deeply at items I snatch off the clearance or normal rack and stuck in my shopping cart. I ask:

Do I really love this or do I simply love the price tag?
What will I actually use it for?
I didn't intend to buy (blank) at the store, so why do I think I need it now?
Where will I put it?

Often, I end up putting the cute little ____ back on the shelf or rack. For example, I recently went clothes shopping and tried on a cute sweater. It was six dollars. I liked it and it fit, but it wasn't my favorite nor was it especially flattering. Normally, I would have bought it because it was on sale and it worked. But, I thought more about it and realized that I probably wouldn't wear it much. I also decided that I'd rather put the money towards an item that I really liked and would wear more often.

Do I regret returning the sweater to the rack?

Not one bit.

In my home, in order to avoid having "decorator" clutter and rearrange my home ever five minutes, I don't purchase/make an item unless I love it and have a place for it.

I'd rather have five things I find beautiful and meaningful in my home than ten objects I don't like.

Like the beautiful, I also want to focus on having items in our home I find useful and practical. Yet, at the same time, I try to avoid having fifteen objects in my home which all serve the same purpose.

Why do I have two coffee grinders when I only need one? Why do I have 8 casserole dishes and have only used 4 of them? Is there a reason I have two straighteners when I never use them?

Sometimes, I realize, I hold on to much of what I have for the exception and not the norm.

For example, I keep hair straighteners for the one time in the year I straighten my hair. Yet, I could live without them and be perfectly happy.

As I go through and purge my home as well as make everyday purchases, I am trying to keep this idea in the forefront of my mind.

Learning to live simply and intentionally not only helps me avoid clutter, but it also helps me spend my money wisely have more room to also live generously.

Next up, we'll talk about our sentimental stuff and then we'll move into some decluttering and purging tips!


  1. Funny---This has been my year to re-think any and all purchases & current belongings. Do I love it?? Will I use it?? I organized my craft room/office and I just finished purging my closet. I had two sides, wall-to-wall, with clothes (walk-in closet). Presently, my clothes don't even fill one side!! {I sure do have a TON of hangers now!!}
    Next up?? My living room!!!


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