27 Years

27 years ago, I popped out looking like this...

Then, I learned how to chill.

I was taught the art of fine dining.

And hat wearing...

I had to learn that after I chopped off all my hair!

While I grew out my hair, I learned how to bake.

And how to be a fashinista.

Finally, I grew up, bought high-tops and a duffel bag, and went to school during the 90's. Can you tell?

Eventually, I finished elementary and high school, went to college, studied abroad, finished my degree, met Mr. Right, moved to Texas, and did a whole lotta things in between!

These 27 years have been absolutely delightful, and I look forward to all the years to come!

Today, I plan to enjoy the day by sipping up a latte, going to the Hunger Games, eating out, and finding out what Josh has hiding in the "Nicole-do-not-touch-or-open-until-your-birthday" suitcase :)


  1. Aww what awesome pictures! HaPpY HaPpY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  2. happy birthday! i am thinking i will let emmy cut her own hair. that sounds like a good idea.

  3. very cute! and you absolutely look like stephanie tanner in that last picture : ) happy birthday!

  4. LOVE all of these photos!!! Oh yes, totally 90's kids :) Happy Birthday to you Nicole--have a wonderful day :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Nicole!!!! Loved the "early years" pictures!!! Gosh----MY daughters are older than you! My oldest daugther will be 31 next Friday!!! My youngest girl is 29.
    I hope your day is filled with MANY blessings, lots of love & some nice surprises!!!!!!!!


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