I'm a font-a-holic.

It's an obsession.

Downloading new fonts has been my newest hobby--next to blowing my nose due to horrible allergies and procrastinating about working out. Really, who likes to work out when you can't breath through your nose!?

Here are some of my favorites. All free. Yippee! (Sorry for the cheeseballishness...I'm not on allergy meds, I'm just plain in a daze from all pollen in the air!)

1. Sketch Rockwell
2. 5th Grade Cursive
3. Albermarle Swash
4. Riskrift Clean
5. Simply Glamorous
6. Type Keys Filled
7. Scriptina
8. Milk and Cereal
9. Mitilda
10. Fancy Pens

Happy fonting :)


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