Happy Valentine's Day!

(ps. I can't remember where I got this image from, if anyone does, I'd love to know!)

Chocolates. Cards. Hugs. Text me hearts. Single Awareness Day. Red and Pink explosions of teddy bears, jewelry boxes, and roses. 

So many weird traditions rolled into one big holiday. Some love it. Others hate it. As for me, I'm in the middle :) I enjoy it, but I don't feel like a loser if I don't get a dozen roses, champagne, a walk on the beach, a couple's massage, a singing telegram, and a night out. 

Do you ever think about your past Valentine's Days?

I still remember one of the first valentine's day cards that I received from my crush in first grade. It was a picture of Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet and there was something romantic scribbled on it like: Fly with me...

I kept that card in my closet and would secretly stare at it and wonder if he really meant it. Even though he had this weird obsession with perfectly tying his shoe laces (you know, the way first-graders show off to the girls), I just knew he was perfect for me.

I realize now that his mom more than likely put them all together and he handed them out cluelessly. He probably would have rather flown into the tether ball pole than flown on a magic carpet with me. 

On another note...
Even though I think it's fun to be a little extra gushy and lovey-lovey on Valentine's Day (oh, I see some of you rolling your eyes), I've also been thinking about more practical ways to give (and love) on V-day. I've been thinking about how, even if we think it's a cheesy holiday, we can still think about ways to love others!

So, if you aren't the card and flowers type, here are some ways to show a little love:

1. Buy Just Love Coffee to help support adopting families or other ministries. We have been enjoying our first bag and look forward to trying other flavors :)
2. Grab up a pair of Toms and they'll donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.
3. Pick up a scarf at LiveFashionable or jewelry from Light Gives Heat to support sustainable businesses for women in Africa.

4. Join the {RED} campaign to help fight AIDS and hunger.
5. Give an animal to a family so that they can increase their income and health.
6. Sponsor a child and have the chance to send them lots of love notes.
7. Buy a soccer ball and they'll send another one to another community.

What are your plans for the big day? Do you love it? Hate it? Care less?


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