February's Family of the Month: The Thompson Family

I'm so thrilled to introduce you to the Thompson family. I've been following their story for a while now and am excited to support them this month.

They recently returned from Ethiopia to meet their son and are currently waiting to go back and take him home.

Let's learn more about them, shall we?

Q: Where are you adopting from? Why did you choose adoption?
A: We are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia.  We choose adoption for a number of different reasons.  I (Desiree) had an opportunity to go on a mission trip to Liberia (West Africa) 4 years ago.  There I visited children at an orphanage and saw first hand how all children in orphanages need parents.  Adoption was something that my husband and I talked about before marriage, but the mission trip confirmed it.....we just didn't know when we would do it.  When our youngest was about a month old I brought up the idea of adopting our next with my husband.  We both really felt like God was laying it on our hearts and our next child would come into our family via adoption.
We decided to start the process in September when our youngest turned one.  However, in March we felt like the Lord was saying, "I want you to start now".  We chose an agency, started filling out paperwork, and have not stopped.  In late August, about the time we were originally going to start the process, we were given our referral for our son.  He was on our agencies waiting list and when I saw his picture I just knew he was ours.  It is a weird feeling looking at one picture and knowing before anyone else in the world does that this is your child.....thankfully our agency agreed.

Q: After recently meeting your son, what are you looking forward to when he comes home?
A: I am excited for our son to meet his little sister and brother.  Lydia and Asher talk about their brother all the time and know he is their brother.  They can't wait for him to come home.  This is the one thing I am most looking forward to.  And just having him home! 

Q: What are some your favorite family activities?
A: We are homebodies! Haha.  We love to just hang out as a family and spend time together.  We like to read, watch movies, and play games.  When it is nice out we also like to take the kids on walks.  They really like to explore in our yard. 

Q: Could you tell us some ways to support your family during this time?
A: Prayer. Prayer. Prayer!  Right now we are waiting for our embassy appointment, which can happen anywhere from 6 weeks - 6 months (or more) after court.  We passed court in January and would love for our embassy date to come quick!  Prayers for our hearts as we wait are really appreciated.  It is hard parenting from the other side of the world and our hearts are heavy as we wait to go back.  

Also we are collecting items for AHOPE orphanage in Ethiopia.  AHOPE orphanage houses and supports orphans living with HIV/AIDS.  We are collecting small items to bring with us on our next trip.  We would love to be able to bless this wonderful organization with a lot!  If you would like to donate any items please let us know.  You can learn more about what they need here.  And learn more about AHOPE here.  Thank You!

Want to learn more about the Thompson family? Visit their blog or check out some of their lovely jewelry for sale in their shop, Hannah James (it's so darling!).

**If you are new around here, 25% of each sale from Home for Hire {the shop} goes to the family of the month. I love supporting those who are adopting and feel so blessed to be a little part of their journey! You can read more about how that got started over here**


  1. Wow I just love their story! I'm definately going to check out the ahope site and see what I can do to help the orphanage they are donating to. I have always wanted to either Foster or adopt but my husband is not so crazy about the idea, it's wonderful that this couple both had it in their hearts to do so!


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