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Since I'm knee-deep in thrift store piles, paint can piles, and random bins of stuff, I thought I'd take a moment to share a little inspiration.

It helps me stay sane.

And not lose hope that our house will forever look we decided to move out, and then move in, and then move out again.

I'm also trying to ignore the bike in my living room. What I would give for a storage shed! Or an extra closet. Or a free maid service.

We still have a few up-in-the-air decisions about our office, so it gives me a good excuse to putt-putt around the world wide web and find some more inspiration. Cause we all know that the more you find to inspire you, the easier it is to decide what to do.


In reality, we have a very limited budget, so I'm sure it will not look as stunning as some of my inspiration. In the end, my goal is that practical, thrifty, and functional explode into this darling office space of pure beauty. Let's at least hope that it looks clean. You saw the "before" photos!

I love these tins upcycled in a functional way (I have some ideas whirling around that were planted by this image!)

I also love how this space was organized--clean and functional. Not too fru-fru!

Since a folding table may very well be in my future, I love how she dressed this one up!

I love the cabinets and the top on this one! Stylish and functional :)

I do have more ideas and inspiration, but I better get back to actually doing something with all those ideas!

Happy Wednesday :)



  1. We are in the middle of turning our "office" into an actual, usable space, too. And, yes, it was previously a disaster zone, much like yours! I haven't decided much on what to do in there, but right now I've got about 40 minutes before I need to leave for work...perhaps I should do a little inspiration searching myself....


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