No, you are not watching an episode of "Hoarders"...

Disclaimer: This is the worst our office has ever looked. This is what happened after Etsy Christmas sales and crafting, wrapping presents, yanking out coolers, packing for a road trip, and dumping a semester's worth of supplies and papers onto the desk, table, or any free space.

Plus, we were just lazy and didn't clean up very well after ourselves.

Already, we've done a lot of purging, but I'm convinced that it looks worse before it looks better! Hopefully, I'll have some stellar "after" shots for you guys.  Our space needs to be very practical, but I also want it to be cute :) Or, at least I want my wall to be cute. I have one wall.

Josh claimed the office as his airplane photo/artwork gallery. He gave me one wall, and I'll take it :)

So, I think I'm now ready to show you the "before" shots of the office. I'm gonna let it hang. If you have to shield your eyes from the sheer terror, I'll forgive you. If you think "And I think my office is messy!," I'm glad to have made your day a little better :) And if you call a reality TV show on our behalf, I'll understand.

Exhibit A: Craft table: where art thou?

Exhibit B: The closet cometh forth

Exhibit C: Hurricane Ikea: life after the semester storm

Exhibit D: Box wars: Who will be the next Biggest Box

Exhibit E: Josh overcomes

Exhibit F: Procrastination at its best

Uffda. We've got our work cut out for us! Stay tuned :) And feel free to snicker to yourself and think, "Thank goodness that's not my office!"


  1. *Yep* I don't feel so bad now! NOT that my office looked any better.....I just don't feel so alone in my disaster zone!
    I have been working on cleaning up, throwing out, organizing and purging. I've taken my 'before' pictures and will be posting my own blog you'll have company in the 'embarrassment'!!
    Good Luck!!!!


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