Nestled In.

We've just gotten back into town from our 18 day trip.

Yes. 18 days. Those were wonderful days of family, friends, Christmas, hours and hours of time in the car, reading, watching TV, relaxing, and bringing in the new year.

Now, I am nestled into bed and drinking salted hot chocolate. We've sorted the mail, ate a weird supper of half an apple, orange, peanut butter, and pretzels (we need to get to the grocery store!), and unrolled our new living room rug (which I'm pumped about!). It is time to take a moment to let our minds unwind after days of staring at cattle, barren trees, flat land, and semi trucks.

Although I'm enjoying these moments of quiet, I look forward to digging into life again. More specifically, I am looking forward to digging ourselves out of our office.

It's gotten a little out of hand. Don't believe me? You'll gasp in horror when I post "before" photos.

I'll hang my head in shame and then burst forward with it's-the-new-year-and-I-must-purge-our-junk energy.

I just hope it lasts. Our office is getting revamped and rearranged. Right now, it's not functioning for us and that needs to change.

I'm also have some ideas for new shop items.

Not to mention some recipe ideas whirling around. Especially after the holiday food gorging, light salads and warm soups sound so lovely. Does anyone else have a secret love of writing grocery lists like me?

I love writing grocery lists. It could be my full-time job.

I've also been diligent in my Capture the Year project. 3 days down. Only 363 to go.

Did I mention that Starbuck's salted hot chocolate packets are so yummy? Well, they are. Let me take another sip. So. good.

I just wanted to check in with you guys after these past weeks of being gone. It's such a strange sensation for me when we arrive at our doorstep after days of travel and family. I feel such delight to be home, yet yearn for those lovely memories that trail behind us. I already look forward to seeing family and friends again soon :)

Well, I think that's it for my little rattling on tonight. Come back tomorrow to meet January's family of the month!


  1. I also have taken 'before' photos of my office and am working on building the courage to do the blog about it.
    It's been a year of 'denial' when it came to that room! But, *ahem* 3 huge garbage bags later....I am 3/4 of the way done!
    Can't wait to see yours!! :)

  2. You really had a lot of enjoyment in this christmas season. You blog very nicely. Keep It Up !!


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