About that cooking blog...

You know when you have those great ideas. Those ideas that you are all pumped about and then you realize that you just added an extra "to do" to your life. And after a few weeks/months/days/hours....you're not so fond of the idea...

Although I'm still enjoying all my kitchen experiments, I decided to put my other blog about food, The Ugly Kitchen Experiment, into an induced coma. I thought that I'd have more time to dedicate to whipping up chocolate delicacies, making brave new recipes, and spending hours photographing (and then eating!) all kinds of yummy food.

Guess what? I don't have all that extra time. I still want to create and post recipes, but I'm just going to stick to having one blog. Just one. Sometimes you just have to uncomplicate your life a bit. So, don't be surprised if you see a recipe here and there (maybe a few times a month). If you don't dig the recipes, oh well. And, in honor of the other blog, I'll rename the recipe tab "The Ugly Kitchen Experiment." The bottom line is: I want to enjoy experimenting, but I want to say farewell to the self-induced expections I created for myself.

So, as an ode to the other blog, here are my favorites of the recipes that I introduced over there:

If you want to see all the recipes, click here.


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