Oh, Christmas Tree...

Today, Josh and I went Christmas shopping.

Then, we both got hungry and a little cranky.

It seems that crowds + buying gifts + too many options + lack of proper nutrition = unhappy Jennings.

Although we didn't get everything we needed, we did manage to take home a few things.

Thank goodness!

The best thing that we got today was our tree. Growing up, I have fond memories of drinking cider while picking out a real Christmas tree. Josh and I have picked out a real tree each year we've celebrated Christmas together--it's one of the few traditions that has stuck for us!

I love the smell of pine and the anticipation of bringing home the tree!

It didn't take long to find our special tree among the happy trees...

While driving down our street, we noticed that everyone was staring at us. We thought it was just because we had a tree on top of our car.

It was really because we had a tree almost falling off the top of our car.

Let me serenade the tree... I really can't explain this photo!

After we hauled it into the house, I took this cute photo of Josh. What a handsome guy!

Mac helped us take off the plastic stuff. He was obsessed with the stuff. And he was very intent upon getting his revenge! Just look at those teeth...watch out ;)

Our tree is still naked, but we plan on decorating it tomorrow night! For now, I'll bask in the sweet smell of pine and pretend that needles aren't everywhere.

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