Meet the Entrepeneur of the Month!

This month, I'm changing it up.

This month, 25% of each sale will be going to something a little different.

As I was browsing through the 2011 World Vision gift catalog, I thought that it would be fitting to help fund/or put money towards a loan for a small business with the 25% of each sale from my small business. World Vision offers a chance to help fund a small business loan for someone who needs a little help getting their business going. How cool is that! I love that they share the stories of men, women, and families who are working towards a sustainable living.

This month, I want to give that 25% to help fund a micro loan. I still haven't decided who to choose (it's so hard to choose!), but I'm sure that anywhere that 25% goes will be helpful!

Have you thought about giving purposefully this Christmas season?

I think that there are so many organizations that make it so simple to give with purpose. Check out this post about giving back over at Rage Against the Minivan for a ton of ideas!


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