Blog Review of 2011

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and is recovering from inhaling too much sugar, treats, and gifts! Our Christmas has been so lovely, but it's always nice to see the dawn of a new year coming!

Like many, I like to take a little peak at our year and reminisce for a moment. After going through the year, I realized how many projects and trips we have done over the last year. It's so fun to have it all documented!


It started out with a junk purge (with will once again happen in 2012!) and we decluttered some of the space we had lived in for over a year. I also made teacup hanger, painted Ernie, and made homemade laundry detergent (which I've kept doing for this whole year!).


February I was asked to take part in adoption online auction and was prompted to start the family of the month. This was such a significant part of this year for me! I also talked about striping furniture and celebrating Mac's first birthday.


My birthday month included painting Miss Giddiness and Queen Elizabeth. We also took a little camping trip and cleaned our office (which will soon be getting another overhaul!). I finally painted Miss Mesa and have been enjoying eating on her ever since.


Some of my favorite projects of the year happened in April such as making a wooden LOVE sign, painting Lily, and DIY jewelry pedestals. I also changed up our DIY headboard and made some tweaks in the bedroom.


Before taking a trip to my home state of MN, I was busy rapping about gift wrap here and here. I also painted Stella and rambled on about owning an Etsy store.


While the Texas drought was upon us, I made some upcycled DIY planters and painted Bonnie, Clyde, and Miss Sunshine. I also had some brewing thoughts and made meat truffles.


I talked to you all about my love of globes and wrote a tutorial for DIY clay knobs. I also chatted about how little changes can make big a big impact. Before another quick trip to MN, I made DIY wedding cards and put of more pictures of our crazy dog.


In August, I took a risk and reopened my Esty store under the name Home for Hire {the shop}. We took a "before-the-fall-semester-starts" vacation to Kansas and BransonDIY lavendar sugar scrub became a new favorite along with some finger-licking good chicken. I also wrote about the evolution of the living room and our gallery wall fail.


With the new semester upon us and the heat wave still raging, I tried to get a little "fall" in the house with a woodland-inspired wreath. I got busy making pumpkin butter, homemade all-purpose cleaner, and DIY notebooks.


Josh and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary, and we also found a little puppy and found him a new home. A bookcase, named Marge, got a make-over. I was still on a pumpkin kick and made pumpkin apple butter  and pumpkin smoothies.


I was busy giving thanks for all the wonderful things in my life and showing you how I make love birds. Just for fun, I told you about my new blog all about cooking called "The Ugly Kitchen Experiment." It was busy around here getting geared up for the Christmas season!


December was a more low-key month since I had been so busy stocking the shop the month before and wanted to sit back and enjoy the season. But, we did manage to pick up a Christmas tree, host a holiday giveaway, showcase some handmade holiday gifts, and share about our past Christmas moments.

What have you been up to this month?

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  1. you have had a great year! love all these photos- that love art is my fave!


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