My Kitchen...

Today I'm thankful for our kitchen. Meet Miss Kitchen:
I don't seem to have any good photos of her (I'll have to work on that since she does have a few nice poses!). Here's what she looked like when we first moved in (Josh seems to be pretty eager to dig into those chips!):

Who doesn't love fake butcher block counter tops and mismatched stained cabinets? We all know that a kitchen without a pantry is the best-thing-ever!

Sarcasm aside, I am very thankful for our kitchen. I don't have a lot of counter space. My pantry is a few shelves of a cupboard. And it's a little on the ugly side. Okay. It's just plain ugly.

Yet, I've spent hours and hours (and hours, and hours, and hours) in this little space. I've baked, cooked, sauteed, chopped, and whipped together countless things! And you know what? It does the job.

Sometimes, I whine to Josh about our kitchen. Oh, why can't we have white cupboards? Or subway tile? Or just a kitchen that matches? Perhaps we will someday--when we buy something or find a new place to rent.

Most days, I really wish I had an extra 10 feet of counter space. Because this is what my kitchen looks like after a rough day of cooking and baking:

But, today, I choose to be thankful for our kitchen--for the fact that I have plenty of food to eat, a place to put it, a place to make it, and a place to enjoy it. The truth is, there are many in the world who do not.

So thank you, Miss Kitchen. I'm glad we're friends.


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