I'm thankful for...

One of my greatest blessings in my life is my husband, Josh.

As I reflect about what I'm thankful for, I'm amazed at what a wonderful husband I have! And I'm so thankful for him :)

He is sweet, loving, thoughtful, smart, wise, caring, joyful...and so much more!

Plus, he's pretty handy!

For example, the other day, I was fed up with our curtain rod. The middle anchor kept coming out of the wall because it wasn't screwed into a stud. So, I asked Josh to fix it.

And he did!

Mac was also pretty interested in what was going on!

But, he had to raise the rod up about a foot in order to screw the middle into something that it would stay in the wall. I ended up really liking the rod that high!

Unfortunately, our hemmed curtains didn't quite fit the bill after we (okay, just Josh!) raised the rod. They reminded me the curtains that go around the bed in a hospital room!

Haha! We got a pretty good laugh about it!

Thankfully, I had some simple sheer white curtains from Ikea hanging out under the bed. They're a little wrinkly, but they'll work until we buy something a little nicer.

I love the the new height--it helps the room feel so much bigger/taller.

Mac, however, doesn't seem that impressed.

A good ear rub seems to be more interesting!

Happy Wednesday!


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