Happy Friday

Happy Friday!

Whew. Isn't it nice to see the almost-weekend? Even though I have Fridays off, I always seem to be just as busy as I am during the rest of the week!

Random tidbits...
-- I'm currently obsessed with making pom-poms. In fact, I made over 40 today.
-- I just enjoyed a delicious smoothie made with peanut butter, chocolate, almond milk, and a banana...kinda like ice cream!
-- I tripped while working in the office (due to lots of random stuff on the floor), fell onto our spotlight, rammed my back into a drawer, and scared the dog silly! Thankfully, I only ended up with a little scratch on my wrist--but I'm sure I looked ridiculous!
--I tried making tags with a flour/salt dough, and they ended up looking like pretend cookies. I threw them away, but Mac keeps digging them out of the garbage and running off with them! Too bad they are as hard as rocks and taste like salt!
-- I doodled on a cup for a pre-Christmas craft...kinda fun :)
-- I have three packages in my car that I intended to ship today. I then realized that it is Veteran's Day...thankfully, I realized this before I made it to the post office.
-- I'm burning my pumpkin candle and I L-O-V-E it.
-- I've been procrastinating about house cleaning all day...tomorrow I'll have to deal with it. Haven't I told that to myself practically every day this week? Yes. Yes, I have.
-- That's all I can think of off the top of my head!

Just to prove to you how pom-pom making obsessed I might have gotten today (and to demonstrate my total lack of organization for my "work space")...

And again...

Of course, Mac has to show up somewhere in the post. Today, I accidentally left the bedroom door open while I was in the shower, and the Macdog decided he could sleep on our bed. No sir! The one rule we have with our pup is that the bed is off limits! Sneaky, sneaky Mac! I caught him in the act!

I'm off to finish pom-pom making and perhaps clean up my space a bit...


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