Behind the Scenes: How a Love Bird is Hatched

One of my favorite things that I have in Home for Hire {the shop} are the love birds. I love pairing them, giving them names (and personalities) and making each pair a little unique.

Today, I thought I'd show you what goes on behind the scenes during "love bird" making day! Beware, the following pictures are not that pretty!

First, I set up my bird making area. I usually make around 10 birds on bird making day since it is a very messy process! I place my latex mold upside down in an old container, pinning it on to keep it in place. I also have a big bin in the sink for washing out the bird mold and the stirring container. It would not be cool if the plaster got down our sink drain!
 I do actually clean this...picture was taken pre-wash!

Second, I use plaster and mix it according to directions. Now, after making so many of them, I just mix the powder and the water until I get it to the right consistency. It usually looks a little like pancake batter when it's ready :)

Then, I pour it into the mold and jiggle it to prevent air bubbles.

And then I let that chick hang out for about an hour (haha, pun totally intended!).

After an hour (or more if I forget about my chick hanging out in the kitchen), I unpin the mold and peel it off the bird. For me, this is the trickiest part. I've lost beaks, tails, and even feet during this process!

Now, my bird is ready to be painted!

Here are some of the past love birds:

 Go visit {the shop} if you want to see anyone of the current ones for sale :)

The process is a bit messy (okay, it gets pretty messy!), but I really do seeing how each one turns out and playing with different colors and finishes! 

Is there any color love bird you'd like to see? Do you have a favorite color?


  1. that is so cool!
    but don't read what you wrote too fast because then it might look like you are showing behind the scenes of love making day and not love BIRD making day. ;)


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