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About a month ago, I wrote a post about the Tight-Pants Monster. I can happily report that I've been enjoying my combat (using apples and oranges...oh my!) against this sneaky little monster. I haven't lost 20 pounds or anything, but I have been feeling soooo much better (more energy, less slumps!) and my pants are feeling a little less snuggish :)

Here's some samples of what has been on my plate:

My favorites are the personal pita pizzas, Oh She Glows' protein power saladpumpkin pie smoothie, and overnight oatmeal!

For me, keeping these guidelines has really helped me stick to eating more nutritioulsy:

1. Plan. Each week, I try to make two or three meals ahead of time so that I'm less likely to grab something unhealthy for lunch.

2. Tweak. I've enjoyed making up new recipes and tweaking old ones. Instead of focusing on calories, fat, etc... (which is important!), I try to focus on how can I pack the most nutrients into my food. When I am packing more nutrition into my food, I feel much more satisfied after eating!

3. Take it in stride. I'm trying to avoid lots of sugar or processed foods. Guess what? I still eat some food that is high in sugar or highly processed. But! I've learned that it's not actually all that difficult to cut those foods from my diet. Right now (apart from the fact that I'm trying to eat up the extra hot dogs from our camping trip), I'd say that those foods (the high in sugar/processed) make up only about 10% of my diet. Not too shabby!

Happy Monday :)


  1. My stomach didn't growl until i saw all those yummy pics!! Sounds like you are on the right track! Good for you!

  2. Great job! Nice to know that I'm not the only one trying to do something similar. In fact I just posted about it today. No obligation, but if you want to read about my "tight pants" experience, head on over...



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