Spot and New in Shop

I'm happy to announce that Spot has found a new home with a lovely couple we know! He is doing very well and is a happy camper in his new home :)

Also, I've been trying to stock the Etsy store for the Christmas season. I feel a little behind with the stocking because life has just been so busy lately! But, the next few weeks will be focused on getting my booty moving! are some new items in Home for Hire {the shop}:
I'm especially fond of the black and gold love birds!

Happy weekend...I've got to go pack for a camping trip :)


  1. Puppy is too cute! Happy he found a good home :)

  2. So glad Spot found a permanent spot :D
    Love the birds, and so happy to have my own :) I should probably get going on some stuff for the holidays to put in my etsy shop. And btw thanks for all your advice, I plan on sitting down soon and really working on the points you made as well as looking more closely at that non team.

  3. I love the black and gold ones, too!!! So lovely:) Have a great weekend!!!


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