See Spot Run

Sometimes, life is unexpected.

This morning, we were five minutes away from leaving the house and we heard a bus honk. Josh looked outside and saw a little white puppy in front of the bus. Eventually, the little guy moved out of the bus's way, and Josh went to get him so that he wouldn't get hit by a car. We hoped that someone would come and look for him, but then we noticed a bag of food and a water dish by the road. Someone had abandoned the little guy!

We knew we couldn't put him back out, so we let him play with the Macdog and then we put in our bathroom before leaving.

We've had fun playing with our temporary housemate and getting to know the sweet little puppy. I've forgotten how taxing the wee ones are--especially if you have another dog to egg him on.

We aren't going to keep "Spot" because we don't have time for another little puppy. Puppies are hard! But, we are on the look-out for a wonderful family :) Hopefully, Spot will find his forever family soon!

Here are some pics from the romping around today!

See Spot's tail

See Spot's pretty blue eyes

See Spot's tongue

See Spot look cute

See Spot ponder life

See Spot play

See Mac watch Spot

See Mac ready to pounce on Spot and utterly spent from puppy-sitting all day!


  1. oh he is adorable! i am sure you will find him a home- sweet dog!

  2. Who could abandon that face? I'm glad he has a forever home now.


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