October's Family of the Month: Meet the Sherards!

I'm very excited to introduce you to the Sherard family! For the first time since having a family of the month, I actually know this family in real life! Although I have only known them for about four years, Josh (the hubby) has known them for a very long time. In fact, their daughter was one of the team members with us when we went to Mexico! I think that this boy will be so blessed to enter into such a sweet and loving family :) They are so wonderful!

Let's learn more about their story!
Q. Where are you adopting from? And why?
 A. We are adopting from the Ukraine. Originally we were trying
to adopt from Mexico. After two and a half years, Mexico finally told us
that the US was basically last on the list to receive their kids. After
this heart break, we were approached by our agency about a hosting
program for Ukraine orphans. We decided to host a twelve year old boy.
He fit our family like a glove! We decided that God was leading us to
him so we are pursuing him. We decided to adopt internationally because
we are adopting an older child. When they age out of their home, the
outlook is not good for them. They are simply put on the streets. We
really didn't decide this...God did

Q. What are you looking forward to when you bring him home permanently? 
A. We are looking forward to showing this boy that he has a
family that loves him just because God loves him and his new family. We
can already tell he doesn't really understand this unconditional love.

Q. What family traditions are you excited to share?
A. Loving family gatherings, Christmas and mowing the yard.

Q. Anything you want readers to know about your family?
A. We did not actually pursue adoption. We found two siblings
in Mexico while on a mission trip and decided we loved them and wanted
to give them a family. Unfortunately, after much time, effort and money,
this did not work out. We just waited on God to show us our next step. I
guess this boy from the Ukraine was His plan. We have learned much
through this process!

Future firefighter? 

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