Getting a Handle

A few weeks ago, the handle broke on our oven. It was already pretty pitiful (not to mention 25 years old), so it wasn't that unexpected.

Thankfully, we rent, so our landlords bought us a brand-spaken new oven. It's not the cream of the crop, but it's better than the I-was-cool-in-the-90's oven...

Last Monday, the A/C and heater fan broke in our car.

Thankfully, a man from our church offered to help fix the car. He did it without pay, and we were so blessed by his sweet service.

My house has been sick all week. Like puking up clothes, spreading dishes around, and leaving tissues everywhere. Don't you hate it when your house gets sick?

Thankfully, I have some time to tend to my pitiful house. It will be better in no time!

It's good to remember to be thankful! Even when things are little chaotic :)

What do you have to be thankful for this week?

Happy Saturday!



  1. My house gets sick too. A lot. The kitchen particularly. Glad my house isn't the only one.

  2. My house was sick too! And my handle on my oven broke like that too recently, I wasn't able to fix it so I just took it off entirely. Now my oven looks very sad.

  3. My kitchen is sick at least once or twice a week :( Glad you were able to get a new oven though!


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