The Birthday Boy

I don't really say enough about my man on this blog! But, today is his birthday, so I wanted to give a little shout-out (aka a walk down picture/memory lane) to my hunk who...

Makes me smile!

"I look cool. Even sitting in a chair from the 70's..."

Squinty eyes.

"Did I say that?"

"I'm a mountain man...with nice legs?"

"I like this girl." (ps. not the most flattering photo!)

We're cool like that.

I don't remember what was funny, but apparently, there was something!

Loves me tenderly!

Enjoying Duluth, Mn!


One of my all time favorites!

Loves photography, airplanes, crawling through caves, eating food, and reading maps!

Yes, he's that dedicated!

Looking stellar next to the honking airplane.

After crawling through belly-sucking crevices and jumping over dangerous heights...and still smiling.

Enjoying food in San Antonio!

Where are we and were are we going? I'm still asking that question some days :)

I'm so thankful to be on this adventure with my sweet husband and best friend!

I love you, Josh! Happy Birthday :)



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