An Ode to the Car

A year ago today, my sweet little car "Dulcitas" died. Her poor little engine melted and the damage was more than she could handle. You can read about that day here. Of course, at the time, I was not aware that Dulcitas would never be visiting our parking lot again.
There she is. I miss her cargo space!

A year ago, I would have told you about how it was IMPOSSIBLE for us to live with one car.

And then we had to live with one car. We decided to make it work for as long as we could.

The first semester was awful! When you are not anticipating only having one car, and then you do, you have to work through some kinks. Like driving to Lowes at 11pm to pick up your husband. Or waiting for a LONG time to be picked up. Or making sure that you talk about where you going. Or figuring out how to be at two separate places. It was a challenge. And it was stressful.

And then we eased into semester numero dos with one car. And this time we knew we had to schedule better and that helped A LOT. Plus, when Josh got a job on campus, that saved me from driving all over Timbuktu and picking him up at midnight.

Now, having one car is normal. Is that normal? And although it would be awful convenient to have two cars, living with one has actually been a blessing. We save money, we get to have some extra talking time, and we've learned a lot more about communicating well!

So, here's an ode to the Civic. The car of the year. Hurray for the Batmobile (Josh named it, not me)!

This is not our car, but it looks a lot like it!

Dear Batmobile,
You are an economy car
And you are not pretty
But you get us where we need to go--from here to afar
You don't purr like a kitty
In fact, you grumble and groan
I'm sorry I ran you into a telephone pole the other day
You know, you are really a great car to own
And we'll get the cracked windshield fixed...someday
Thank you for being the economy car you are
With good gas mileage and basic seats
You rock the tar!
You can't be beat!
Thank you for being our one, stellar car
For 140,000 miles
You've raised the bar
And made us smile
Thank you, Batmobile
Josh and Nicole

Are any of you one car families? Or, since we are researching cars (for when we decide to buy one), do you have any recommendations?


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