During a training session today at work, we discussed the lost art of writing letters. I do still write a few letters here and there, but not like I used to.

Since Josh and I dated long-distance, we wrote letters on a weekly basis. Sometimes I re-read them and think about how sappy we were. And, then again, we are still sappy. We were just really sappy when we were penning love notes that crossed a thousand miles. I still remember the tingly feeling I got when I noticed his handwriting on the envelope and how I hurried to find a quiet spot to read it. To this day, some of those letters contain some of our most precious thoughts about one another.

I wish that I took the time to write more letters. I realize that letters are usually far more intimate and personal than a zipped off e-mail or facebook message. I write about different things. I ask different questions.

So, I'm on a mission to write more letters. They don't all have to be long and lengthy, but I do want them to be meaningful and intentional.

Does anyone else wish that we wrote more letters to our loved ones? Will you join me? I'm hoping to share some ideas for cute cards and such...we'll see :)

Come back on Monday for something extra special!



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