Our Road Trip: Intragram-Style! And a Caption Contest for a Prize!

During our road trip (to Oklahoma, Branson, and Wichita), I tried to shoot more random pictures to capture the vacation from a different perspective. Although I did shoot a bunch of traditional "stand there and smile" photos, I also managed to capture some random, but sweet, moments. Enjoy!

Mac is preparing for the road trip. He actually took his pillow out of his kennel and then laid on it like this. Weird.

When we topped and ate lunch in Oklahoma, the ducks surrounded us. It was actually a little unnerving--I'm not a huge fan of birds!

Bathroom Stall Decor Rule Number One: Never do this

Eating lunch with my grandma and grandma.


Enjoying the view on the Branson Bell

Shooting pictures of the airshow at the Wichita Flight Festival

 Hanging out at a local coffee shop

Chai love

So. While I was trying to look discreet and shoot a picture of myself to prove I was at the air show, I shot this totally random photo. Although I only got a sliver of my face in the photo, I love what the camera captured in the background!

I'll send a pair of dictionary coasters to the person that I feel (yes, this is subjective) comments with the best-fitting caption for the photo above!

Caption away!



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