Meet the Crockett Family: August's Family of the Month

I'm so excited to introduce you all to the Crockett family! They are just too darn cute, wouldn't you agree?

Let's have a little Q&A time with them!

Q: Why did you decide to adopt?

A: I don't really know that we so much decided to adopt, but more that God chose us to adopt. :) I've heard that some people are just born with the 'adoption gene' and I know that's me. I have always wanted to adopt. Back in December 2010, I felt like we had a child missing from our family. Our youngest, Addison, was 6 months old at the time and our oldest, Makayla, turned 3 years old on Christmas Day. Obviously not really a good time to get pregnant again, but I could not stop feeling like we were supposed to have another child in our family. So, I started praying about adoption and didn't say a word to Adam. In February, Adam and I were talking about a family in our church that was adopting their son through the foster care system and Adam said 'I'd be willing to adopt.' And from there, the ball started rolling and hasn't stopped! :)

Q: Why did you choose international adoption and the specific country?

A: Back in February when we started seriously discussing adoption, I just knew that Ethiopia was where our child was. It took a bit longer for Adam to know this. ;) We prayed a lot about it, discussed everything under the sun (cost, length of adoption, what the Lord wants from us, etc.) and after watching quite a few gotcha day videos, we knew that our child was in Ethiopia. No doubt. Adam always says that he saw the dire need there. With 5 million orphans and only 4,000 being adopted each year, there is a serious problem. Not to mention that children are dying there every single day.

Q: What are you favorite family activities?

A: We love spending time with our girls no matter what it is. We all love to play outside, read together, color and just be. We always have the most fun when we are together. Cheesy, I know, but oh so true.

Q: What family traditions are you looking forward to introducing to the child when they come home?

A: Well, Christmas happens to be one of our very favorite days and it's all the more special since it is Makayla's birthday, too! We can't wait to bring our child to church with us every Sunday and go for family ice cream runs on hot days in the summer!

Lindsey also let me know about some other cool ways that you can help support them during this process. They have some darling T-shirts for sale, a puzzle fundraiser, and are also taking donations for a silent fundraiser. If you want to know more details, head on over to their blog: or e-mail Lindsey at lindseycrock(at) 

*Remember that 25% of each sale from Dulcitas goes to the family of the month. If you want to read more about how that began, read about it here.*


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