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Good Morning! Today I have a guest post from Alison over at The Modern Cottage. If you've never visited her blog, you should :) She not only has a beautiful home, but she has a wonderful knack for painting furniture. I especially love the way she stages her furniture--it always looks so darling! She's going to be showing us an awesome desk re-do.

Hello!  I am Alison from The Modern Cottage Company, and I am so happy Nicole asked me to guest post today. I adore home design and creating something beautiful for my home with a small amount of time and money. The Modern Cottage Company sells unique hand painted furniture. I thought I would share with you my newest desk redo that is about to go into the shop.

I bought this desk at a thrift store nearby and it needed a good amount of work. The drawers stuck, so I had to do a ton of sanding to get the to slide smoothly.

I started off with lightly sanding the body of the  piece so the paint would adhere, but I wanted the white to show through after I distressed the piece so I didn't strip the white paint. I applied three coats of Martha Stewart's School House Slate, in eggshell. I really like her paint, it goes on like butter! I then distressed the edges, applied a dark wax where I distressed {Annie Sloan's dark wax} and then went over the entire piece again with a clear wax {Minwax, clear paste wax}.

For the drawers I decoupaged craft paper to the front. I cut the paper to size, lightly glued the paper with Elmer's white glue to the top of the drawer front, a light amount of glue, if you do too much it will bubble.
I let it dry, then applied 5 coats of Modge Podge to the top. I spray painted the original hardware a glossy black and added them back to the drawers after the Modge Podge dried. I then lightly distressed the edges of the drawers after the last coat of Modge Podge dried completed.

Cute right? This is going in the shop sometime this week! Check out Shop Modern Cottage.

Thank you so much Nicole for having me, I adore your blog.

I'm so thankful for having Alison stop by. I'm definitely tucking away this desk in my inspiration file :) I hope you guys go and visit her blog!


  1. Cutest desk EVER! love the modpodged paper. adorable

  2. This furniture is amazing. It’s extremely modern and in a range on different colors can be perfect.
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