Feet or No Feet: This is the Question

I need some input about bird's feet.

I recently made a pair of birds without feet. I kinda dig them. Yet, I still like the birdies with little toes. So, I thought I'd ask you guys what tickles your eyes!


Or no feet/toes:

Comment away! I'd love to know what you think!
Feet, no feet, neutral?


  1. they are supercute either way, but i think i prefer them with no feet- they just look happier and more peaceful that way. :)

  2. They are so cute! I love vintagey birds! I like them with no feet, like they are all tucked up under the little birds.

  3. I like no feet better also, so cute I need to get some

  4. No feet! But I do not hate the feet either.

  5. I must've scrolled through the pics a dozen times, and didn't have a preference...super cute either way!!! xoxo

  6. I'm probably too late but I'd vote no feet!

  7. Feet tucked away ~ no feet :)


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