Little Changes, Low Cost, Big Impact

I'm amazed at how little changes (for a little money) can make such a big impact on your home. It just takes a little patience, some creativity, and resourcefulness! Here are two examples from our little place:

Little changes: New paint color (Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments), LOVE Signyellow stool, and some pillows that I made with napkins from World Market. 
Cost: Around 5 dollars for the cost of the stool and paint. I got the napkins for free with a ten dollar coupon from World Market. Did you know that if you sign up with them they send you ten bucks for your birthday? I made the sign with free stuff. 
Impact: From simple (and a little boring) to sunny and fun!

Little changes: New paint color (same as above), jute rug, black mirror
Cost: I had the mirror from my college years (I think I paid around three dollars for it!). The jute rug from TJ Maxx was $15.00 (a steal!), but I used a gift card and got it for free. Not too bad!
Impact: From dark and green to bright and light!

Does anyone else have any little changes, low cost, big impact spaces in your home?

If so, send me a link or an e-mail-- I'd love to show it off!


  1. Those changes are so great!! I especially love the yellow...what a happy color.

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  2. I'm doing the same kinds of things on my blog! Just started it, trying to figure blogger out with layouts etc, but you should check out my blog :)


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