Happy Friday and a Giveaway

Happy Friday!

I wanted to let you know about a giveaway for Dulcitas over at Burlap and Blue. If you haven't checked out Linda's blog, you definitely should! She also has a fantastic Etsy store. Go check it out here. Her collection of dessert pedestals is so lovely and she has a lot of other wonderful stuff!

The giveaway will end next Thursday.

Since I haven't thought of any incredible blog posts, I'm going to be random (by the way, I won "Most Random" in high school...)

1. I tried and failed at being crafty today.
2. I am so so so ready for fall. Can I hear it for the pumpkin?
3. My dog loves playing the in the sprinkler. I think it's funny, so I turn it on. And then I spend ten minutes cleaning him up, fighting with him in the bathtub while I wash his paws (since he has to dig after I turn the water off), bribe him with treats while I dry his ears, and wipe off the floor after his wet paws have made a mess. All for five minutes of watching him play in the sprinkler. Not to mention I end up getting half-soaked each time. For some reason, I get the bad feeling that I'll do the same thing when I have kids. I'll deal with a half-a-day troubles for five minutes of fun.
4. I'm trying to take more pictures with my iPhone. Mostly because I love Instagram. Be prepared for random photos of our weekend.
5. I sat in on interviews for new candidates for some positions at our Writing Center. Yes, I work at a Writing Center. Don't judge me if I make grammar mistakes! I sat through 4 interviews. They were mostly English majors. Let's just say everyone loves words. And talking.
6. I cleaned underneath my couch cushions. Um. Gross. I had a horrific moment when I thought about a guest coming and losing something down there. I'd probably have to drug them after they lifted the cushion and convince them that they were never at our house.
7. My heart is thinking a lot about orphans lately. I know that I have my toes dipped in ocean of the adoption community, but my heart is heavy to do more for the orphan and for adopting families.
8. I'm making veggie pizza inspired by the Pioneer Woman. Yum.
9. We are going to see Harry Potter this weekend. And we are even going to get popcorn! Living on the edge...
10. That's it. Like I said...random!

Happy Friday!


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