The Guatemala Itch

Have you ever gone somewhere and then wanted to go back again and again?

Well, I have!

In fact, after getting my feet wet in Guatemala (figuratively!), I returned twice and have spent a collective eight months of my life there.

I love it.

The culture, the food (sometimes!), the coffee, the beauty, the color, and the sweetness of hearing lovely Spanish. My favorite part: the sweet, sweet people!

Did I ever tell you that I sort of speak Spanish? Well, I studied it and I love trying to use it as nicely as possible. Learning a language is hard!

Josh has never been to Guatemala and I'd love to bring him there and show him the place that captured a piece of my heart.

Dear Guatemala,
Do you have room for visitors? Do you know where I can find cheap plane tickets? Would you please make espresso and plantatos for me when I come? Do you think that I could spend some time with your people and find a way to give to them as they give to me? What do you think? Next month? Why not? Hope to see you soon!

And just because I was feeling sentimental while waiting for hours at the airport, I made a little picture collage of some of my favorite shots from when I lived there.

Have you ever been somewhere and gotten the "itch" to go back?


  1. Have to say I loved the post about the knobs. I am inspired to try it myself! Thanks again.

  2. Just saw your guest post at P&P...thank you for the great tutorial! I am your newest follower! The place I always have to itch to visit and revisit is Charleston, SC! Not as exotic as yours, but I can't help myself! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. You just made me love Guatemala more. :) I so want my husband and kids to be able to go down there and experience it. Isn't it beautiful? It does my heart good to see these pictures!


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