A Rap about Wrap

Give me your best beat box and let's go:

Wrapping presents can be such a bore
Just a bow, some tape, oh such a chore
Why not spiffy them up with some DIY
Liven' things up for your creative eye
It doesn't take a lot of mula or a lot of time
Make the gifts look pretty as a dime

Okay.  I'm tired.  The more tired I get, the cheesier it gets!

I love a pretty present.  But!  I do not like spending half of my gift budget on buying pretty wrapping accessories for the gifts.  Since it was Mother's Day on Sunday and we've got weddings galore, I thought I'd get creative with wrapping these gifts.

When I saw Emily's post about paper flowers at Jone's Design Company, I thought of an idea (not that it was a new one!) and went for it!  Using her tutorial, I got busy making rolled paper flowers with extra scrap paper (and sheet music) that I had on hand.  After arranging the flowers how I liked them and gluing them onto a paper circle, I added my little flower clusters to the gifts.  I also used free printable gift tags from The Handmade Home that you can find HERE. A little twine, dollar store brown paper, polka dot paper from the dollar aisle at Target, and I had the makings of simple, cheap, and darling gifts!

I've got another wedding gift to wrap in a few weeks, so I'm scheming about other cute and simple ways to gussy up the gift!

In other news, our professional camera (that I use for shooting photos for Dulcitas) is currently under the weather.  Apparently, the auto focus is not working! So, hopefully that will be cleared up soon, so I can list some of the new items that I've got and show you a furniture makeover!

'Night :)

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