Procrastination and Art

I was planning on doing this in April.  I did it in May.  Simple project yet simple procrastination.  Does anyone else suffer from this-was-so-easy-why-did-I-wait-so-long-to-do-it syndrome.  I do hear there is a cure.  Motivation.  Unfortunately, it's not available in a pill form yet!

One of the bedroom walls needed a little sprucing up.  So! I bought some white metal frames at Michael's for about 3 dollars a piece and found some prints on Vintage Printables that I liked.  We had some extra white photo mattes on hand, so the project was not only simple, but cost-friendly!

Before hanging the frames, I used the frame inserts to measure and see where I wanted to hang the pictures:

Here's a little peek at the final result:

Easy and cheap!


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