We just arrived back from a much needed and very refreshing trip to Minnesota.  My family lives up there, so it's always nice to visit with everyone and also have a break from the Texas humidity!

I didn't take too many pictures while we were there (I was busy eating sweet corn, galaxy bowling, driving to Duluth, visiting the local coffee shop, chillin' with the fam, baking cake pops, and the list goes on!), but here are a few that I snapped:

Being crafty (or resourceful!) with my mom's old skirt

I made a bow for my sister's birthday gift!

We took a little trip to Duluth, Mn to visit friends and also visit an airplane company that my husband is interested in working for.  I may not be an airplane expert, but it really was cool to see how airplanes are made!

Our view coming into Duluth!  

Hanging out by Lake Superior.  Good times!

Although it's good to be home and hanging out with the Macster again, I always miss the big MN and all my loved ones there!  I'm hoping for another trip soon :)


  1. Wow! Looks like a lovely little vacation :)
    I have a bunch of family up in Duluth who I wish I could visit more often! It's so gorgeous up there!


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