Another Wrap Rap

Now that I'm obsessed with wrapping it up sweet
I've got a few more pictures for a treat
Felt flowers and lace, oh so fair
Twine and Polka dots are a funky pair

I'll stop now.  I know it's corny!

As you can see from this post, I'm on kick for dressing up presents.  Truthfully, I'm trying to do my best with gussying up the tops to distract people from my awful wrapping job.  I'm horrible at wrapping!  Here's my latest wrap jobs:

Felt flowers, lace, a fabric leaf, free printable tag from The Handmade Home, and a love clothespin (from Dulcitas)

Polka Dot wrapping paper from the $1 section at target, gift tag from the Handmade Home, twine, and a felt elephant (I found the image here, printed it out, traced it on felt, and cut it out!).  Easy peasy :)

Mac even thought it was worth sniffing out!

Mac's thinking, "Enough with the gift wrap...I'm bored with this!"

I'd love to hear/see about your ideas for gussying up gifts!

I'm linking up to Finding Fabulous!


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