Love Birds (and Randomness...)

Remember my little love birds before they were painted?

Well, I've been busy painting them up and sending them off to the Etsy store.  Just because I like naming things, each set of love birds has their own names.  It just makes it a little more fun!

Meet the love birds:

I've enjoyed using different colors and treatments and seeing each pair develop their own little personality! Also, I finally (I've been hunting!) found a cloche (or a cheese dome) and gave it a make-over this weekend.  I've been dying to try chevron stripes on something and this was the perfect choice.  Here it is all prettied up.  You can find a few other new things listed HERE.

We also finished up repainting the living room today, and it's always nice to have your space back after all your furniture has been huddling together for days and paint supplies are littered everywhere.  Plus, I adore the change :)  I'm excited to take some pics tomorrow!  Happy Monday :)


  1. love that cheese dome/cloche! and i love that you are naming the birds.... i think that is perfect!


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