DIY Jewelry Pedestal

Remember these?

These jewelry pedestals sold a while back in Dulcitas, but I wanted to show you how to make your own!

Here's what you'll need:
- Soap dish (or little plate)
- candlestick
- primer
- paint (latex, acrylic, or spray paint)
- glue (epoxy or another very strong glue)

Here's the how-to:

1. Find a soap dish and candlestick.  I picked these up at a  local thrift store for $.25 each.  I think a little bowl would also work just fine!

2. Prime each piece of the pedestal.  Especially since you'll likely be working with porcelain or plastic, the primer helps the paint stick!  Don't mind my very sophisticated spray painting system!

3. Paint each piece (spray or with a brush).  I decided on a light blue/green for this pedestal.  After it dries, you can paint a little design on the inside of the dish.  I used the same little bird as my previous pedestals.  I simply found a design I liked, printed it, cut it out, and then traced it with a pencil onto the pedestal. I also think a monogram or little chevron design would be fun.  Be creative!

4. Paint the design.  I chose turquoise for a little extra pop!

5. Using epoxy (or another heavy duty glue), glue the top and bottom together.  And if you're cool like me, you'll use an old frosting turned paint container to clamp them together!  

6. After letting it dry, enjoy it!  You could also seal it up for a little extra protection.  This dish is staying with me and will hold lots of little things on the desk (such as nails, paperclips, etc!).  I do hope, however, to make some more for the shop soon. 

Here's the final product!

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