Are You Crafty?

Yesterday, a very sweet girl came and picked up Lily:

It's always nice to know they go a nice home!  She came with a young man and he was curiously looking around our place while he was inside. When he saw leaning this leaning against the wall...

He asked, "Are you crafty?"  My first thought was, "Crafty! No!" but then I realized that maybe it is a little crafty to make a sign out of old fence posts.  So, I nodded and said, "I guess!" I thought about how much I've learned about making things and being creative with what I have.  Believe me, there have been many failed projects, but it's fun to look back and see what a little "craftiness" can accomplish.  In other news, I tried hanging the sign today and failed miserably--measuring preciously is not my gift!  So, I'll wait until Josh has a free moment to help and we'll hopefully get it up soon!


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