April's Monthly Theme is "All About Art!"

Did March fly by or was it just me?  We successfully made our bed every day in March...well, there was one day when I made the bed about 2 minutes before we went to bed! I also finished up some projects in the bedroom and it's making pretty good progress.  I have a few little things to finish up, and then I'll snap some photos of how its coming!

This month, I want to focus on getting some art up on the wall!  There are a few spots around the house that need a fresh look, so this month I'm going to try to "think outside the wall" and make simple (and cheap!) art for these walls.

Here's some inspiration I've had while looking around Etsy and World Wide Wed (who calls it that anyway!?):


Wind swirl ... Freehand Machine Embroidery original canvas

Big and Little Spoon in Love.  Hand Embroidery in 4 inch Hoop. Orange, Red, Silver on Sage Green. Needlecraft, Embroidery. Wedding Gift, Favor Handmade by merriweathercouncil on Etsy

Large wall art. Vintage tin tile pattern in Powder blue


St Paul and Minnesapolis Minnesota 1897 Antique City Street Map

Some Like it Hot  - Cathrineholm inspired retro poster print A3

That's just a little taste of what I've been eyeing.  Do any of these catch your eye? 


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