I'm tired. Have you ever had life fill up before your eyes and wonder where time went?  I'm sure we've all been there.  I've been busy finishing up our kitchen table (repainting it a different color...on the spur of the moment), taking pictures for Dulcitas and listing the new items, e-mailing people, going to work, and doing normal things like dishes and laundry..etc.  It's just been busy!  To top it off, I've got spring fever and am so ready for our week long break next week.  Camping, here we come!

But you know what, I've got a made bed.  I haven't missed a day of my make-the-bed-March.  That's a plus!  Since I will have some extra time on my hands next week (which is rapidly filling up with my to-do list), I hope to get some bedroom changes done to show you.  I'm also itching to show you our kitchen table that I've just about finished.  I can't even remember when I started that project!  And I bought (well, I got for an early birthday gift) some new chairs for the dining table.  I'm in love :) Unfortunately, that means that our little place is spilling over with chairs.  Chairs, chairs everywhere!

This post would be quite boring without any pictures!  So, here are some of the newbies over in Dulcitas:

Hope to be back soon with a post all about sanding and staining!  Maybe some peeks at a finished table???


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