Spring Cleaning!

Since it's spring break around here, I thought it was only fitting that I did a little spring cleaning. Nothing like having an entire free day to encourage a little productivity!

In January, I did a junk purge of all those annoying little junk collecting areas in our small little home (i.e. master bedroom's closet, laundry "room"...etc).  But behind a closed door was our office. Well, it's officially Josh's office, but it has also been the room that I complete most of my projects.  It was a sight!  It finally got to the point where I couldn't work in there because it was so insanely chaotic, messy, and disorganized.  Since we also went camping this week (more about that later...), all our camping gear (which lives in the closet) needed to be rearranged as well.  This morning, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to risk my life and clean up THE OFFICE...(cue scary music!)

If you are prone to get a little queasy when you see a huge mess, you may want to avert your eyes!  I'm ashamed that it looked like this, but here's what it looked like this morning:

This is "my" side of the room.  Josh has generously offered some wall space in the room that he gets to decorate (you'll notice the airplane pictures in other shots!) and I needed to make this space a little more functional.  I wasn't going for cute. I was going for functional.  First, I took down and moved our wedding quilt to the bedroom (it's a lot safer there...I was always worried it would get splattered with paint!).  Second, I set up the table that actually came with my new kitchen chairs.  I've been wanting a work table for a while.  It's quite beat up, so I think it's perfect.  Third, I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned!  

Here's the results.  Think functional!

Don't you love the sewing machine covered with a pillowcase?  I am planning on painting my smaller projects on the table, so it's covered so that it doesn't get covered in paint speckles!

Do you notice my little "studio" for taking pictures for Dulcitas?  Pretty snazzy, huh!  

I still want to put up some shelves above the desk to store all my products/projects so that they are not on the ground.  Otherwise, I think "my" wall/corner serves it's purpose.  

You could say it was a good day's work!


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