One of My Favorite Things...

We love to camp.  We're not the "backpack into the wilderness and bring pouches of dried goods" kind of campers.  We're not the sit back in the RV and watch movies kind of campers either.  We're in the middle.  We bring a tent. We sleep on an air mattress.

We enjoyed a few days away and some good old relaxin' at a campground this week.  Here are some favorites from our trip:

Squeezing everything into the Civic.  Mac had a little nook!

Watching Josh play with the fire.  It never fails to entertain!

A yummy breakfast. Before

And after.

Junk food and no kitchen to clean!

Watching Mac enjoy his first camping trip.  He loved it!

What are you laughing at?

Trying to get a picture of Mr. Mac jumping like a bean!

Enjoying my boys!

Taking a hike!

 Coffee+Book+Fire+Cozy Clothes = pure enjoyment!

Any one else do something fun for spring break?


  1. I loved this! Looks like so much fun and I obviously loved the pics with the pup :-) My husband and I are also big campers (when we have the time, which has been sorely lacking these days) but have not brought our pup out to a site overnight yet. May have to get your tips on this later ;-)

  2. I love to camp too. The same way as you tents and air mattresses. A little too cold here yet but I can't wait!! Looks like you had a nice relaxing time and the breakfast in the foil...a perfect idea!

  3. I'm so enjoying perusing your blog. You, your dog, & your blog are so cute. The camping trip looks so fun. Thanks for stopping by to see me & for leaving a comment.

    Warmly, Michelle


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