Make Your Bed March (and the giveaway winner is...)

I'm not the most faithful bedmaker.  Usually, our bed looks like this:

Everyday of March, I'm going to make my bed so that it looks like this (or at least not a floppy mess):

Along with making the bed everyday, I want to make some other changes in the bedroom that are long overdue.  You'll just have to wait to see what they are!  Be ready for fabric, art, paint, and a lot of frugalness!  

Mac (who is not allowed on the bed...little rascal) enjoyed a few happy moments hopping around on the newly made bed!

Also, the giveaway winner is: Alena from  Please shoot me an e-mail (within the next 2 days) with your coaster choice so I can get them on their way!


  1. Awww! Dasher is the same way...he is not allowed on the bed (or upstairs, for that matter), but if he ever sneaks through our baby gate he enjoys a few minutes of pure bliss rolling around on our covers and knocking all the pillows off! But, most nights, the poor thing gets put in his kennel just feet from our bed while his sister, the kitty, parades around on the bed showing off her freedom ;-)

  2. When we're not at home, our dog Lavender goes up and makes a nest in the middle of my pillows. It's sweet, but leaves so much dog hair behind! I've had to come to love the hair and love the dog, too! LOL! Thanks for sharing!!


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