I like simple.  Usually, if something gets a little too "crazy" it ends up re-done or in the garbage.  I get a little nervous around too many patterns or things are that aren't symmetrical.  But, after finishing up Queen Elizabeth, I decided to get a little more "free" with the second mirror.  I started with navy, and then layered on a light blue/gray, and then white, and then finally gave her a light glaze.  There were moments that I wasn't so sure and almost started over.  I thought, "This is a little much!"
But, then, I started to see it all come together.  I got a little giddy.  Oh my.  I like this!  My heart rate went up (I'm not kidding!).  Because she gave me such giddiness, I named this mirror Miss Giddipie.  I've decided to sell Queen Elizabeth (I still love her!) and keep Miss Giddipie instead.  I just adore her and am so thankful that I let my brush get a little loose!  Hopefully, I'll get to hanging her up soon :)

So, here she is:

Not too shabby for 3 bucks and a little left-over paint?

What do you think?

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  1. Oh this is so pretty! Is the mirror frame made of wood or that plastic 70's stuff? If it's the plastic stuff, what type of paint did you use?

  2. This is REALLY pretty! I'm a new follower. I like your dog also: is he a border collie. I love them. Your camping trip looked fun. I'd love to go camping again sometime, when the kids are a little older and can HELP! :)


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